When Ronaldo Upset After Arbeloa Make Goals

When Ronaldo Upset After Arbeloa Make Goals

When Ronaldo Upset After Arbeloa Make Goals

Madrid – Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo showed controversial behavior in the win over Almeria 3-0. Ronaldo upset after Alvaro Arbeloa scored the ultimate El Real.

Although already scored 50 goals this season, Ronaldo has scored one goal in four appearances before last night’s game. Apparently, the best footballer the world three times it intends to end the fast goal against Almeria.

But alas Ronaldo is still not able to add to the coffers of his goal. James Rodriguez, Mauro Dos Santos (own goal) and Arbeloa becomes the names listed in the scoreboard Santiago Bernabeu.

Glare directed to Ronaldo when the third goal came six minutes before the end of normal time. Starting when the bait silane Javier Hernandez fell in the penalty box, Arbeloa just do sontekan to Almeria goalkeeper.

Ronaldo, who is behind his team mate responded with a hard ball that has been kicked into the net before walking and shook his head.

Ronaldo’s actions provoked a strong reaction from social media. However, Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti opted relaxed in response.

“If Cristiano does not score a goal in the match until the end of the season I will still be happy anyway. He has scored 50 goals, I have never coached a player like in my career,” said Ancelotti.