Uruguay, Enjoy Cavani vs Suarez

Uruguay, Enjoy Cavani vs Suarez

Uruguay, Enjoy Cavani vs Suarez

Jakarta – Among the great encounters in the last eight of the Champions League, meeting Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona could be the most anticipated public Uruguay. Two of the best strikers they would fight there: Luis Suarez vs Edinson Cavani.

There are many similarities between Suarez and Cavani in addition to both the passport and the Uruguay national team mainstay South American country. Similarities would be an interesting story that accompanies duel Les Parisiens with Barca at the Parc des Princes on Thursday (04/16/2015) morning later.

Did you know that Suarez and Cavani came from the same city? Both were born in Salto, a city in northwestern Uruguay directly adjacent to Argentina.

Suarez and Cavani was also born in the same year in 1987, which makes both now 28 years old. Born on January 24, Suarez only 21 days older than Cavani (February 14, 1987). After both start football career at local club, Suarez and Cavani has been submitted in Europe and compete in the top there.

This is the second clash Cavani and Suarez in this season. In the past the group stage at the Camp Nou, Suarez together Barcelonanya 3-1 win over PSG Cavani and his. While at a meeting in Paris, in which PSG won 3-2, Suarez has not been able to play since undergoing a period of punishment.

Suarez and Cavani also had a major role in passing the respective teams to the quarterfinals. Suarez made two goals for Barca dropping a 3-1 aggregate win over Manchester City, while Cavani make one goal to help PSG superior aggressiveness away goal from the 3-3 aggregate.

Although a major role and is considered as one of the best strikers this time, Suarez and Cavani also must accept their status as ‘number two’ in the respective teams. Fans memnganggap PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic as their top, while supporters of Barca’s Lionel Messi would have hailed elu that they more than anyone else.

Statistics about the Champions League this season, Cavani has a better value – even if it can not be separated from the fact that he underwent more matches. Of the eight games, the former Napoli player that makes six goals.

While Suarez, who has played in the fourth matchday match ban due punishment, make a new four goals and one assist in five games.