Problem Football, Parliament also asked to listen to the Public Voice

Problem Football, Parliament also asked to listen to the Public Voice

Problem Football, Parliament also asked to listen to the Public Voice

Jakarta – Commission X House of Representatives yesterday evening returned to meet with the PSSI. This football chaotic matter, the deputies were asked to listen to the public voice anyway.

After a hearing chaired by PSSI chairman, La Nyalla Matalitti, at the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (04/20/2015), vice chairman of the Commission X, Ridwan Hisjam, questioning attitude Imam Nahrawi freezing Affairs PSSI.

“When the March 26 meeting we agreed 18 clubs will still participate in the ISL 2015. So the principle is retained Commission X that PSSI still carry turnaround 18 clubs in a league match,” said Ridwan.

“So we Commission X agreed that this issue has nothing to do with the PSSI. PSSI road course. If that is delivered (Affairs) will be taken over the transition team, so where could. Kan that had people wandering past can be just like that taken by the government. ‘Kan not possible, “added the politician from the Golkar Party.

Responding to the statement, public policy analyst from the University of Indonesia, Dr. Riant Nugroho, reminded members of the House in order to always listen to the aspirations of many parties, including the main thing is the public (people).

“Speaking of public policy that means listening to the public voice, not the voice of a person. In fact, if conscience itself contrary to the public vote, yes it also remains a public voice must be heard,” said Riant in conversation with detiksport, Tuesday (21/04/2015 ).

“If the public voice is not considered anymore let alone ignored, then the officer did not understand public policy,” he continued.

In the past few months polemics “PSSI vs. Kemenpora” very hectic society discussed football lovers. An online poll shows most people expect Affairs acted decisively to the PSSI. [Read: Netizen Wish Affairs Firmly]

Kala PSSI freezing letter issued Affairs, in Surabaya ongoing Extraordinary Congress PSSI, which is characterized by a rally of tens of thousands of supporters Persebaya 1927. They welcomed the decision Affairs.

In social media also widely discussed about freezing the PSSI, which largely agreed, although the risk is penalized FIFA, because people already frustrated with the current state of football.

Riant own judge Affairs measures are appropriate. Because, according to his observations, PSSI already off track and failed.

“If necessary (Affairs) more firm. The main problem is not because of PSSI government ignores three warning letters, but PSSI as an entity under the auspices of the government of the Republic of Indonesia, began to go out of the entities. They are like a state within a state,” added doctor who has written several books on the Public Policy.

“In my opinion, as an organization in charge of building a culture of good football, PSSI is not only capable, but also do not want to. They have a policy domain to build sporitivitas among actors football, but they were not able to. We never saw the policy PSSI that led to it. Performance was never increased significantly, “concluded Riant.