Out Dortmund’s time-out Pursue Tickets to Europe

Out Dortmund’s time-out Pursue Tickets to Europe

Out Dortmund's time-out Pursue Tickets to Europe

Dortmund – Borussia Dortmund has been far from the threat of relegation and began to approach the European zone. Opportunity to penetrate the European zone is still open, Dortmund was asked to perform an all-out in the rest of the season.

Performance-turu rise early in the season was dragged into the relegation zone Dortmund. Die Borussen even had time to inhabit the bottom of the standings start to the week-13.

But Dortmund slowly rise. Recorded last win over Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0 to bring Dortmund approaching the European zone.

Mats Hummels et al. now ranked eighth with 39 points. They left only three points from Augsburg who was ranked sixth or the deadline for the European zone with four games remaining.

Seeing the situation, Juergen Klopp Dortmund assess opportunities to win tickets to European competition next season is still open. To that end, he asked his team to perform optimally in the rest of the season.

“Today is an important day for us because we finally left the relegation battle,” said Klopp on the official club website.

“If the number of points between us and the teams that are on top of us in the euro zone is less than the number of matches, we still have a chance. We are now just three points behind. Now or never.”

“We’re in a great position. I hope we managed to achieve it,” said Dortmund coach will leave at the end of the season.