Coach RD about Club-Club Financial Management in Indonesia

Coach RD about Club-Club Financial Management in Indonesia

Coach RD about Club-Club Financial Management in Indonesia

Jakarta – football clubs in Indonesia like never want to learn from previous mistakes in terms of financial management, so often dwell on the same issue.

Biggest spotlight on clubs in Indonesia is when it comes to payment of the salaries of the players (and coaches), which in recent years was known to often in arrears for months, even up to a year.

In conversation with detiksport, Tuesday (14/04/2015), the veteran coach who is now coached Persija Jakarta, Rahmat Darmawan, admits there is a need to be addressed from the financial management of clubs, so as not to fall into the same hole over and over again.

“When it comes to the club ideally, it should be fulfilled between the rights and obligations. That is ideally a professional club. It (pay players’ wages on time) is indeed an obligation,” said the man who was known by the nickname Coach RD.

One of the concrete efforts that can be done is to transfer players club wisely, according to the needs and abilities.

“I am pleased to see the team players adjusted spending ability. It is better than later had a problem. Examples of Parma, great as what we know, but also collapse,” he said.

“The clubs are late paying his salary should also be able to understand about the rights commitments and obligations, anything that should be implemented in employment contracts that have been agreed upon.

“For me, the nicer clubs troubled helped, not punished or how lah. I would agree that diasistensi clubs like what, what to do next,” he concluded.

Last season Coach RD suffered the fate of the players, not paid his salary for several months by Persebaya. He then decided to accept the proposal Liverpool this season.

However, Liverpool and a number of other clubs are still considered the players salary arrears at the beginning of the season of 2015. One reason is, sponsorship funds has not gone down.

“(Is my salary arrears as well), so let my domain, my secret. It may be asked to management, as matters related to this case, everything is handed over to the management. I have no right to comment,” he said.

Does he not feel regret, moving from club ever salary arrears for several months, but the club is now also have similar problems?

“I always believe in the permanence and exams (god), the things I have to go through in this life. I’m trying to take anything with feeling fine. PRIS positive in management, because it is part of a test for me and the team, “said the 48-year-old coach.