98 Thousand People who Sustains Blaugrana

98 Thousand People who Sustains Blaugrana

98 Thousand People who Sustains Blaugrana

Barcelona – About 98 thousand fans came to the Camp Nou in support of Barcelona when melakoni El Clasico Real Madrid counter. 98 thousand people who successfully finished 12th player Blaugrana.

The success of Barca a 2-1 win over Madrid, Monday (23/03/2015) pm dawn was obviously could not be separated from the role of supporters. Atmospheric Camp Nou last night undoubtedly make the hair stand.

Barca’s official website reported that a total of 98 760 fans came to the stadium, most of which is of course Barca fans. As has been planned from the beginning, the game opened with a giant mosaic shaped Barca jerseys with the number 12.

As reported previously, Barca is already dividing the total 98 thousand cards with typical Catalan colors for the fans. Through this card mosaic was formed. Aggravating the terrible aura, the fans at the same time singing the chant for the Azulgrana.

Victory in the process achieved protege Luis Enrique, but certainly not through the easy road. They are even more depressed in the first half.

Madrid is first threatened by kicking Karim Benzema in the 8th minute. Five minutes later the crossbar Claudio Bravo vibrate after kicking the ball got beat Ronaldo.

Released a total of nine experiments Los Blancos against Barca in the first 45 minutes, while the hosts only have five shots. Barca arguably lucky enough to close the first half with a 1-1 draw. If judging from outside the technical side, it is undeniable that it is inseparable from the support of the fans who fill the stadium.

“The fans really showed class on Sunday night, continue to support the team during a difficult period until the end of the first half and cheer them along the appearance of tremendous second half,” the statement on the official website Barca to appreciate the support of fans.

The Barca players do not miss claimed to enjoy the atmosphere that evening’s game. Ivan Rakitic also dedicate this victory to the fans.

“Mosaics like this is amazing. I want to thank the fans because today they became the 12th player. Victory was theirs as well,” he said on the club’s official website.

“The atmosphere was incredible. I’m satisfied with how we played and the three points, which is vital for the league. I enjoy everything about Clasico: entry into the field when heating, watch mosaic, then all the way until the end of the game,” added goalkeeper Claudio Bravo .

For the record, the total fans who came in the night game also became a record audience for Barca this season.