U-23 conquered Syria 0-3, Aji: Players Already Maximum

U-23 conquered Syria 0-3, Aji: Players Already Maximum

U-23 conquered Syria 0-3, Aji: Players Already Maximum

Sidoarjo – Indonesia U-23 national team defeat is final on the second test match against Syria U-23 national team. Competed in GOR Delta Sidoarjo, U-23 defeated 0-3.

The game has been running for about five minutes, the player behind the U-23 had often do kesaalahan. Passing on Hendra Bayau Manahati Lestusen turned into a loose ball that could be taken by the player Syria. Lucky for U-23 national team, Ibrahim Abdul-kick was wide left of the goal that in case Ravi Murdianto.

In the 11th minute, capitalizing on a long ball from goalkeeper Abdul Latif Nasaan, forward Syria, Yousef Kalfa, Ravi Murdianto nets thrilling.

In the 24th minute, Evan Dimas Darmono make a reply to the Syrian goalkeeper. The audience was cheering, but the goal was disallowed by the referee, because Evan was in a position ofside.

U-23 began to show solid game and dare to press Syria players that tend to persist. In the 42nd minute, Anthony Putro Nugroho get a chance, but the chance of failing. Anthony kick tipped by goalkeeper Syria and over the crossbar.

Before the first round berahkir, Syria had the opportunity of a long-range shot Muhammad Marmor. However, Ravi could still be dismissed. Score 1-0 to Syria advantage lasted until the first half exhausted.

Since the beginning of the second half, players direct Syrian control of the game. They suppress the U-23 national defense by releasing long passes.

U-23 get a chance in the 54th minute by kicking Andik Rendika Rama. However, his shot was bounced over the crossbar.

In the 70th minute, Syria doubling it 2-0. Starting from the chaos in front of goal Ravi, wild ball used by Wesah Silent Agha.

A number of substitutions made U-23 national team coach, Aji Santoso, even making the U-23 oversized and does not seem coherent. In the 81st minute, Wesah Silent Agha made his second goal in this match as well as enlarge the score to 3-0.

This is the second meeting of the U-23 to U-23 Syria. At the inaugural meeting on Tuesday (10/2), the two teams drew 0-0.

Aji admitted, his team is still frequently make mistakes individuals. However, he also mentioned that the players difficulties facing posture players Syria.

“In this game there are many mistakes players fault. I really appreciate all the players. But, factors also affect posture. This game just tests, we are changing the composition of players,” said Aji.

“In the national team, many new players, so it still takes time and flight hours. The opponent has a very good physically and induvidunya so the game is very good.”

“I really appreciate the children in the last game. I think it has a maximum and I will make changes in the team,” said Aji.