Defeat Dortmund 3-0 Freiburg

Defeat Dortmund 3-0 Freiburg

Defeat Dortmund 3-0 Freiburg

Jakarta – Borussia Dortmund eventually win in the Bundesliga continued. Juergen Klopp’s team made the beat Freiburg 3-0 tonight.

Playing in the Dreisam Stadium on Saturday (02/07/2015) night, Dortmund actually not appear that good. Statistics show the team beustan Juergen Klopp just penguasai ball 45 percent.

However, Dortmund has led the game from the ninth minute. Marco Reus welcomes feedback from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and kicked right into the middle of the goal and the goalkeeper can not be anticipated host. Dortmun were 1-0.

Position unchanged until halftime. Dortmund still 1-0.

Entering the second half, Dortmund managed to double the advantage. This time it was Aubameyang who had stage. Receiving feedback from Ikay pull Guendogan, Aubameyang directed to the goal of Freiburg. It 2-0 for Dortmund.

Dortmund added another goal in the 72nd minute. Mendaptkan feedback from Sinji Kagawa, Aubameyang hard kick to the goal.

Dortmund finish the game with a score of 3-0. These three points were made Dortmund could finally win after never really win in five games in the Bundesliga.

Dortmund position in the standings board were boosted three traps. They are ranked 16th with a collection of 22 points from five wins and four draws with a three-goal deficit.


Freinburg: Buerki, Sorg, Krmas (Huefler 4 ‘), Torrejon, Guenter, Klaus, Frantz, Darida, Schmid (Philipp 45’), Peterson (Schahin 45 ‘), Mueller Daehli

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller, Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer, Guendogan (Ginter 80 ‘), Sahin, Kampl (Blaszczykowski 68’), Kagawa, Reus (Mkhitaryan 80 ‘), Aubameyang