After Write to FIFA, PSSI also Complain to Parliament Problem ISL

After Write to FIFA, PSSI also Complain to Parliament Problem ISL

After Write to FIFA, PSSI also Complain to Parliament Problem ISL

Jakarta – After complaining to FIFA by mail, PSSI also undertake other efforts related to the withdrawal of the kick-off Indonesia Super League. They met with the House of Representatives (DPR).

Kick-off ISL, which was originally scheduled for February 20, requested to postpone at least two weeks by Imam Nahrawi Affairs ,, after recommendation by the Indonesian Professional Sports (BOPI) did not come out.

The decision of the PSSI and Indonesian League as the operator of the league, do some steps in reaction. They’ve sent a letter to FIFA, held an emergency meeting (in London), wanted to meet President Joko Widodo, and also plans to conduct a judicial review of Law of the Republic of Indonesia National Sports System No. 3 of 2005.

Letters to the FIFA already get a reply. In a letter signed by the general secretary, Jerome Valcke, on Feb. 19, they ask about ISL given a progress report no later than, Monday (23/2) today.

This afternoon the PSSI, PT Liga Indonesia and representatives of the club, come to the House of Representatives in Senayan, Jakarta. They were met by the deputy chairman of the House Field Korkesra Fahri Hamzah and also chairman of the House of Representatives Commission X Teuku Riefky Harsya, to conduct a public hearing (RDPU). Present among others PSSI chairman Djohar Arifin, PSSI secretary general and CEO of PT Liga, Joko Driyono, Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission PSSI Hnca Panjaitan.

In this public hearing, Djohar suggests losses incurred by the clubs due to delays ISL.

After that, several representatives of the club as CEO Persebaya Gede Widiade, general secretary Bebena Rocky View events, and also the secretary of Newcastle Aberdeen Irfan Taufik, also expressed his opinion.

The complaints submitted by the PSSI, Fahri provide feedback as a person.

“We know this is a problem that repeatedly. Questions about BOPI minister rules that I think there is a misconception. It is a matter of the market, the state should not interfere in fact. Because of this there is no state money,” said Fahri in the event at the public hearings Parliament Nusantara II complex space Senayan Jakarta, Monday (23/2) afternoon local time.

“I think this is a simple issue, but because there is a different frame work so as if there is interference. My suggestion, talk to the minister give a sense, this competition please could go on.

“We’ll talk to him (Affairs) later. I do not know other than by telephone, if there could be another meeting. Later he came, BOPI came, I was willing to facilitate,” said the Prosperous Justice Party politician.

Word got out that the Kemenpora also will write to FIFA to explain the light, including disclose about clubs that do not comply with certain administrative requirements such as paying off debts players, financial reports, and others. FIFA is expected to understand how things really are.