Wine 55 Years of Moyes for Ancelotti

Wine 55 Years of Moyes for Ancelotti

Wine 55 Years of Moyes for Ancelotti

Madrid – David Moyes will be his first visit to the Santiago Bernabeu this weekend. There is a special gift he prepared for Carlo Ancelotti on the occasion: a bottle of wine aged 55 years.

Real Madrid match with Real Sociedad will be held at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday (02/01/2015) morning the day after tomorrow. Create Moyes it would be a prime opportunity to visit the stadium that had long wanted him to feel the atmosphere.

After successfully beating Barcelona at the beginning of the year, Moyes intends to achieve another surprising result. Regardless of his hopes to gain points at home to Real Madrid, he came bearing gifts khsusus Ancelotti. Gifts he prepared for Carletto is branded Rioja wine.

Not just any purchase, Moyes choosing wine in 1959 to be submitted to the colleagues. That means that the wine is as old as Ancelotti, who was born on June 10, 1959 in Reggiolo, Italy. As quoted from the Daily Mail.

Although not known to have a close relationship, Ancelotti in some instances continue to provide support to Moyes. Ancelotti became the first coach who regretted the decision to fire Moyes Manchester United last season. Ancelotti also do not forget to give a speech at Moyes when he was appointed coach Sociedad.

“I’m sorry for David Moyes. In general this is a life coach. Sometimes the situation becomes bad and you get fired, that’s it. I’m a little surprised because it’s not normal for Manchester United. It is normal for other clubs, but at MU after (what that occurred during the) 26 years, I was surprised, “Ancelotti said at the time.

Rioja is known as one of the famous wine in Spain. Price per bottle is mentioned at least 200 pounds, or about USD 3.7 million.