Not easy victory for Los Blancos

Not easy victory for Los Blancos

Not easy victory for Los Blancos

Cordoba – Real Madrid made hassles when a visit to the cage Cordoba. Although ultimately took home the victory, Carlo Ancelotti did not deny that the three points did not come easily.

Come to the Estadio Nuevo Arcangel, on Saturday (24/01/2015), Madrid home with a 2-1 victory. But the victory did not come easily.

When the game has been running one minute, Madrid has been sentenced to a penalty after Sergio Ramos to handball in the penalty box. Nabil Ghilas successfully conquered Iker Casillas and create superior Cordoba.

New in the 27th minute, Madrid equalized through Karim Benzema. For the record, it was the first shot on goal in the match Madrid.

Is rushing to victory, Madrid just have lost Cristiano Ronaldo. Portuguese star was red-carded for kicking Edimar and Jose Angel Crespo hit in the face.

One minute ahead of normal time runs out, Madrid awarded a penalty after Gareth Bale’s free kick on hand Fede Cartabia. Bale, who ran as an executor successfully carry out their duties at the same time ensuring a 2-1 victory for Madrid.

“We got the three points to stay at the top. We reach it with difficulty,” said Ancelotti to the US as quoted by Football Espana.

“Cordoba played a game where they fought for every ball and play good on the counter attack. We difficulty to win this fight. But we got the three points and I congratulate to Cordoba.”

“I do not like the first half. That’s why I was not happy. It’s not easy to play the ball because the field is not uniform,” he added.

Problem red card for Ronaldo, Ancelotti was reluctant to say much.

“I have not seen (a red card for Ronaldo). I have not talked to him about it. I can not judge what happened,” said Ancelotti.

Cordoba cemented the victory over Madrid at the top position with 48 points from 19 matches.